Top-tier bank in Germany goes live with Summit 6.2 leveraging RightClick TMS & Deploy

We are happy to announce that a major German bank went live successfully with Summit v6.2 leveraging RightClick tools and services.

The project took approximately 8 months and despite all challenges related to COVID, both the bank’s and RightClick teams switched to the remote way of working almost instantly ensuring a smooth project delivery end to end.
The bank started using TMS several years ago and built a portfolio of approximately 500 functional GUI test cases over time. During the course of the upgrade project RightClick helped the bank expand TMS usage to automate the Batch comparison in addition to the already automated UI tests. Over 4,000 batch reports are now automatically compared, and the intelligent diff rules of TMS simplified and reduced the batch analysis efforts considerably.
Prior to moving into the testing phase, the bank had implemented RightClick Deploy and optimized the build compilation process. Having a fully automated way of installing new Summit releases enabled the bank to accurately deploy new versions and test the fixes much faster. This helped accelerating the upgrade and significantly increased the quality of the test environments.
Using an end-to-end automated solution, from Summit installation to functional-batch-load-stress testing, and leveraging a very experienced team of RightClick consultants, the bank went live in a short period of time, within planned budget and with no major quality issues post go-live. At this point, the bank has successfully transitioned to the continuous delivery model and is ready for another Summit release change in November 2020.
We are delighted to see our clients benefiting from using our automation tools. This is a clear confirmation of the value TMS and Deploy bring to banks in managing Summit releases and upgrades.  
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