Introducing TMS 4.2: Taking test automation to the next level with RightClick TMS

RightClick team is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of TMS 4.2, launched in July 2023. This latest version of our test automation platform brings significant enhancements that once again establish it as the reliable partner for organizations embarking on their test automation journey.

RightClick TMS has gained significant traction in the banking industry, enabling non-technical teams to reduce testing efforts by up to 70% and increase the overall quality of their software releases. Since its introduction in 2014, RightClick TMS has expanded its portfolio and collaborated with clients worldwide, solidifying its position as a powerful solution in the industry.

TMS 4.2 – What’s new?

The new release introduces specific enhancements that elevate the TMS user experience and ease the process of automation, ensuring smoother automation workflows and improved functionality.

RightClick TMS continues to strengthen as a universal automation tool

The potential of RightClick TMS can cover testing multiple systems and integrations between systems. Our automation experts have expanded TMS support for a diverse range of Web & Desktop Applications commonly used in banks. This means the same benefits can be replicated for multiple critical applications within same organization.

Certified integration & SAP support: TMS empowers financial institutions to automate testing

We continue to revolutionize the testing process in the finance sector with a fully certified test automation system, that now includes support for SAP platform. With this comprehensive certification, the automation of tests for these applications can be seamlessly initiated from day one, ensuring an accelerated testing workflow.

Building upon our commitment to continuous improvement, the release of TMS 4.2 introduces tailored improvements designed specifically to enhance the performance and functionality of the financial applications we are already certified with, including Summit, Loan IQ, Opics.

What does the TMS 4.2 release mean for Summit users?

If you currently use TMS with the Summit system, you can upgrade to the 4.2 release and benefit from all the additional Summit-specific fixes and enhancements included in this version and even more.

TMS 4.2 empowers you to expand your test automation coverage to a wide range of Web or Windows applications used in your organization.

Want to learn more about what RightClick TMS 4.2 can do for your organization?

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