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Maintain agility and accelerate the release of your software with our deployment automation tool.

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Deliver quality software faster

Keep agile in an ever-changing business environment. Automating the way you build and deploy your enterprise software will help you transition to a CI/CD model. RightClick Deploy makes it easier than ever to release new features while cutting down on tedious manual work.

Accelerate Time To Value-1

time to value

Reduce Risk


Reduce Total Cost Of Ownership

Reduce Total Cost of

Increase Quality Of Your Stoftware

Increase software

Free Up Time For New Features

Free up time for
new features


Digitize software
installation process


Where can RightClick Deploy help?

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Set up continuous builds

With RightClick Deploy, you can sequence all the build and testing scripts into one automated process. This can be integrated with your version control system so that builds are seamlessly triggered when new code is merged. By integrating and testing your changes more often, new features can be released faster.

Automate installation of new versions

RightClick Deploy standardizes and automates the installation of new software. No more manual work and dependency on specific knowledge to execute this process.

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Keep all your environments in sync

Our tool automates the delivery of new features to selected infrastructure environments, ensuring there is an automated way to push code changes to them.

Reduce maintenance efforts

Schedule automated tasks to refresh or restart environments based on a certain schedule. Maintenance of your environments is a breeze using Deploy capabilities.

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Trigger automated tests for new builds

Validate your builds right away and address the issues as they come up. RightClick Deploy is fully integrated with our test automation solution, RightClick TMS. Tests can be triggered automatically, saving countless hours, and ensuring precise verification of the new changes.

Digitize your installation process

We take you from manual to automated installations. The process know-how is digitized to reduce potential bottlenecks, optimize effort, enhance control, and ultimately transform your entire experience.


What sets RightClick Deploy apart?

Light deployment

Our solution has no dependency on 3rd party software and light hardware requirements.

Integrated with RightClick TMS

RightClick Deploy is fully integrated with our test automation system, RightClick TMS.

Fully flexible

Your scripts can be easily plugged in. This solution is able to support both vendor releases as well as your internal development.

DevOps connectivity

Out-of-the-box connectivity with Git, SVN, Artifactory, Jenkins, Jira, and more.

Reporting capabilities

Real time dashboard showing progress and status of scheduled jobs.


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Our clients that have automated their software integration and delivery process spend 22% less time on unplanned work and rework.

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RightClick Deploy in action

Our RightClick automation experts offer extensive knowledge, best practices and high-quality services from the very beginning of your automation journey.

Together, we help you identify the areas where RightClick Deploy can benefit your team and help you maintain that competitive edge as you scale.

Start building your automation plan with us today.

RightClick Deploy begins by analyzing the software changes. The tool will automatically identify changes required for third-party software, database, extended code, configuration files, and automated tests.
RightClick Deploy automatically upgrades third-party software and database, compiles your code, and updates configurations and environment settings.
Deploying the installation of your new build is easy. Our platform installs all associated changes across all test environments, ensuring they are accurate and in sync.
RightClick Deploy kicks off automated tests to validate the new version of your software. Save time and effort assessing the quality of the release with out-of-the-box testing reports.
Deploy the final software package into your production environment.


Universal solution ready for any environment

RightClick Deploy is a CI/CD platform easily adaptable to any enterprise system. Once one set of jobs is configured with our powerful automation solution, it will be easy to scale up. You can manage all your builds and software installation across different environments.

Out of the box solution

For the Summit financial application we’ve partnered with our clients to take it one step further and fully certified our solution with this system.

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