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Rightclick tms for SUMMIT

Boost Summit releases with automated testing 

Start automating your tests today, with our no-code test automation platform. Fully certified with Summit.
Automated testing for Summit releases
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   Transform your Summit testing and embrace the power of a cutting-edge test automation platform

Streamlined test automation for Loan IQ

Save time &  resources  with streamlined test automation 

Experiencing seamless automation of your testing processes is now possible. With advanced AI capabilities RightClick TMS empowers users to effortlessly create reusable automated tests within minutes. By doing so, you can expedite Summit releases while freeing up time and resources for more valuable tasks.

A fully integrated test automation platform, RightClick TMS, helps you drive substantial cost savings by eliminating extensive manual testing and boosting overall testing productivity.


Empower non-technical teams & increase productivity

Unlock the simplicity of test automation with our user-friendly solution. Even non-technical teams can easily automate Summit tests, without the need for coding or technical expertise.

RightClick TMS empowers both business and IT users to significantly reduce testing efforts, enhance release cycle predictability, and lower system maintenance costs. Its robust analytics and reporting capabilities enable teams to identify potential constraints, optimize resource allocation, and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Automated testing for financial software
Test management

Effortlessly manage and scale your portfolio & reduce costs 

Leverage the capabilities of RightClick TMS to efficiently manage and adapt your Summit test cases to evolving needs. Seamlessly integrate the platform with ALM and Jira, and leverage its embedded intelligent comparison tool.

Our automated testing platform ensures the validation of your software prior to its release into production. Through the utilization of robots, it swiftly and efficiently verifies, reports, and compares testing results, mitigating risks and minimizing operational costs.


Empower your testing journey with RightClick TMS, a tool built by Summit experts for Summit users

RightClick TMS covers a wide variety of tests and empowers banks to achieve an end-to-end test automation, paving the way for a seamless transition to continuous testing and ensuring your success. While already successfully used by more than 1/3 of Summit clients, RightClick TMS is also a universal solution, fully equipped to support various upstream and downstream systems. Our comprehensive solution covers all the types of testing needed in the Summit space, without the need for coding knowledge. 


GUI Testing


Validate end-to-end business workflows by automating user interaction with the system and setting pre-defined success criteria. 

Batch Testing


Execute batch jobs and compare the results with powerful automated comparison capabilities that make it easy for you to analyze true differences.


Stress Testing


Monitor system performance, response time, by simulating production like volumes and number of users interacting with the system. 

Interface Testing


Automate interaction between systems and validate results from your upstream and downstream systems.

Integration with other products 


Automate test cases on upstream and downstream systems and automate the end-to-end workflow. 

Production updates


Automate repetitive or high-volume updates that business users need to do in the production environment. 

Why is RightClick TMS the best automation tool for Summit?

RightClick TMS was purposely built by Summit experts, having Summit users in mind, to empower non-technical teams to streamline testing processes and increase the quality of release cycles at reduced maintenance costs. With a fully-featured test automation platform and extensive testing services available, automating Summit tests has never been easier. RightClick TMS is successfully used by more than 1/3 of Summit clients, making it the most commonly used tool within Summit community.


RightClick TMS test automation solution


  • Easily generate and run automated tests with our UI Record & Play engine

  • Streamline test case management and empower reusability with our comprehensive Test Library

  • Leverage advanced features for efficient Test Execution

  • Optimize test analysis with our intelligent Reporting module

Proven to reduce testing efforts by 70%, RightClick TMS is the sustainable way to automate tests and release Summit upgrades faster





   time to value

  Gain rapid

    drive agility

Streamline operations


Enhance predictability

   reduce risk

Summit experts

We speak Summit

We're a Summit focused consultancy company and vendor of next generation automation technology.  

With decades of combined Summit experience within the team, we have built an excellent track record in helping clients all over the world with their Summit-related challenges: production support, implementations, upgrades, and customized projects for businesses of any size. 

Combining our extensive expertise, automation tools and managed services we are a trusted partner within the Summit space and an official Finastra partner. 

Official Finastra Partner

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