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Boost your software testing with our comprehensive and fully integrated test automation, management, and execution platform.

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Reimagine your testing function

Automation of tests has never been easier. No technical skills are required to create tests. RightClick TMS enables business and IT users to drastically decrease testing efforts, increase the predictability of release cycles, and reduce the cost of system maintenance.

Our platform validates your software before it’s released into production, saving your team from hours of manual work. Automated testing robots validate, report, and compare testing results quickly and efficiently, mitigating risks and minimizing operational costs.

Save Time


Decrease Costs


Increase Productivity


Improve Testing Quality


Stay Competitive


Increase Accuracy


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Universal solution ready for any environment

RightClick TMS is a universal automation tool, easily adaptable to your enterprise system. If you are using .NET, Java, or Web-based applications, on Linux or Windows platforms, our powerful automation solution will be ready for you to start testing on day one.

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Out of the box solution

Our test automation platform is built to work with various financial systems. Find out how you can automate testing for your financial applications with RightClick TMS:
TMS for Summit
TMS for Loan IQ
TMS for Opics
TMS for Front Arena



Fully-featured test automation platform

  • UI Driven Testing
  • Backend Testing
  • Batch Testing

Validate end-to-end business workflows by automating user interaction with the system and setting pre-defined success criteria.

  • Regression Testing
  • Interface Testing
  • SIT/UAT Testing

Automating tests has
never been easier.


What sets RightClick TMS apart?

UI Record & Play engine

  • Powerful AI capabilities to recognize user interaction with all screens
  • Automated tests created in minutes as you go through your test scenario in the application
  • Ability to automate success criteria and export data for comparison
  • Support of parameters for re-usability of tests
  • Strong flexibility to manage test amendments and ensure low test maintenance

Backend Test Designer

  • Ability to create tests for running reports, utilities, or other relevant jobs
  • Query database tables and validate results
  • Create API tests or relevant scripts for your application and integrate them in our platform
  • Powerful capabilities to compare test results

Test Case Management

  • Centralized test case repository
  • Test sharing within the organization for reusability
  • Ability to create comprehensive scenarios that combine GUI, reports, utilities, API tests and database query test cases
  • Full history of previous test case changes

Streamlined Test Execution

  • Parallel bulk execution of automated tests on multiple machines
  • Automatic update of execution results and output comparison
  • Exception management including error logs and screenshots
  • Ability to integrate with CI and Defect management tools (e.g. Jenkins, Control-M, Jira)

Intelligent Test Result Analysis

  • Verify values against expected results
  • Automatic output comparison
  • Flexible rules for results comparison (including tolerance ranges)
  • Highlighting of true differences to dramatically reduce manual analysis time

Automated testing dashboard

  • Real-time test results
  • Centralized reports and statistics
  • Out of the box test documentation for analysts and auditors

Light deployment and maintenance

  • No dependency on 3rd party software
  • Light hardware requirements
  • Support for physical, cloud, virtual machines, Citrix technology, etc.
  • Installation wizard for deployment of new versions

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