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RightClick TMS  

the test automation solution

for financial software


TMS users consistently report a 60-70% decrease in their release testing efforts

Improve quality and reduce cost

RightClick TMS is a comprehensive and fully integrated test creation, management and execution platform.  

TMS enables users to record end-user activity and add success criteria, define and manage test scenarios and execution cycles, and automatically compare test scenarios against a baseline.

        Record & Play engine

  • Out of the box handling of all screens and controls of supported applications

  • No technical skills required to create tests

  • Support of parameters for re-usability of tests

  • Trade lifecycle testing with multi-user login

  • Data export for comparison

        Test case management

  • Centralized test case management

  • Test sharing within the organization for re-usability

  • Ability to combine GUI, reports, utilities and database query test cases

  • Full history of changes made to test cases to ensure transparency and revert back if needed

        Streamlined test execution

  • Parallel bulk execution of automated tests on multiple machines

  • Automatic test output comparison

  • Ability to integrate with CI tools like Jenkins and Control-M

  • Customizable reporting on results for analysts and auditors

        Automatic test results analysis

  • Verification of values against expected results

  • Capturing and reporting of errors

  • Flexible results comparison rules (including tolerance ranges)

  • Highlighting of true differences to dramatically reduce manual analysis time

Our approach is different from the rest of the commercially available test automation solutions on the market today.  Instead of just handling various GUI widget technologies, we take it a step further and offer end-to-end support for testing financial software applications by building knowledge of the specifics of those applications into our solution.  This eliminates the need for users to develop a framework on top of our test automation platform, and enables them to create tests on day 1 of the deployment of TMS. 

Applications supported by TMS include Summit, Sophis, Opics, LoanIQ, Calypso, SAP, and Web-based products.  As we continually add to this list, please reach out to our team for the latest information on what is currently supported.

To learn more about how you can improve the quality of your software while driving the cost of maintenance down, please request a demo of RightClick TMS.