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Test Automation Services

Take advantage of our vast automation expertise. Our test consultants will help you significantly reduce your testing efforts, while increasing the quality of your software.

Up to
decrease in software release testing efforts

Remain agile with shifting market trends by introducing test automation into your software release process. Proven to accelerate time to market, our test consultants can help you streamline your testing efforts. Your business can benefit from better quality software at a reduced maintenance cost.

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Drive Efficiencies and Speed

Drive efficiencies
and speed

Higher Predictability of Test Cycle

Higher predictability
of test cycle

Avoid Project Deplays and Extra Costs

Avoid project delays
and extra costs

Better Control and Reduced Risk

Better control and
reduced risk

Reduce Human Error

Reduce human error
driving software quality

Refocus Resources on Strategic Priorities

Refocus resources on
strategic priorities


Automate your testing with us

Whatever your testing needs may be - automation of new test cases, amendments to existing test portfolio and much more – we’ve got you covered. Our test automation experts are here to support you every step of the way.

our approach testing
Our team of testing experts start by understanding your current testing process. This is followed by an analysis of the challenges you’re facing and your needs.
Together with your key stakeholders, we define the new Automated Testing strategy and plan the project.
We design test cases based on business scenarios collected and validated with your team.
We automate test cases using the RightClick TMS solution and execute the entire test suite to ensure stability.
Our testing experts set up training sessions, so your key users are ready to take over the automated testing process.
When we say every step of the way, we mean it. Our dedicated team is here to provide you with ongoing support even after the project is completed.


Testing services

RightClick TMS installation & training

Our experts help install and configure the tool, based on your needs. With our training program, we empower your team to successfully leverage all the tools’ features

Define automated testing strategy

Defining a solid strategy is key for the success of your automation journey. We will share years of experience and help you build an effective strategy that will enable your team to test smarter not harder.

Design & automate test cases

Design the most effective automated test repository for your business. Following best practices, our experts create easy-to-use test cases with minimal maintenance required.

Maintain & enhance test suite

Keeping the test repository in line with a continuously changing software application may be a challenging task. Hand over this activity to our team and we will ensure your test portfolio is always up to date.

Execution of automated tests

Free up your team’s valuable time and let our experts take care of your test cycle preparation, execution of tests and review of results. They deliver clear test reports to speed up analysis and decision making, and ensure full visibility into the testing progress.

Managed testing service

Benefit from the complete range of our test automation tools and services for the entire duration of your project. Our team of testing experts will run your projects from start to finish, while collaborating closely with all stakeholders.

With the RightClick TMS
solution, automating tests has
never been easier.

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Decades worth of test automation expertise at your service

Using our knowledge and extensive experience with test automation, we’ve created a common language that brings together business and IT users.

Our team has helped companies around the world to build, maintain, and scale testing automation for their mission- critical software.


"The value is worth the investment”: German bank reduces testing costs by 60%

Working with a German bank, our test automation consultants were able to considerably reduce the testing efforts for the internal release of their software release.

Automated test execution, comparison of results and out-of-the box audit-compliant test documentation reduced testing costs by 60%, with the investment in test automation being recovered after only two software releases.

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