TMS 4.0 makes TMS a universal test automation tool

We are excited to announce that with the latest major release of the RightClick TMS, TMS 4.0 is now a universal automation solution that’s easily adaptable to enterprise applications. 

Since the release of our test automation tool in 2014, we’ve seen the TMS solution become widely adopted within the banking community with over 300+ users worldwide. TMS has consistently helped our clients to accelerate their products’ time to market and reduce their testing efforts by up to 70%.

TMS 4.0 – what’s new?

Thanks to a number of enhancements in TMS 4.0, your team can leverage powerful AI capabilities to significantly improve the automation of your UI-driven testing scenarios. RightClick TMS is now able to understand different UI technologies and record intelligent UI-based scenarios for any application. If you are using .NET or Web-based applications on Linux & Windows platforms, RightClick TMS is ready to support your test automation journey.

The tool also offers a wide range of new automation features like data validations, data comparison, and reconciliation for both UI-based and backend testing. All these new features mean that you can create a multitude of tests across multiple platforms in a matter of minutes.

RightClick TMS – The all-in-one test automation tool for your products!

RightClick TMS 4.0 offers such great coverage that you no longer need to acquire multiple testing products to streamline your quality assurance efforts. You can dedicate more time to focus on the roadmap ahead, and less time to worry about the quality of your software.

Thanks to its new capacity to run tests across multiple platforms, you can leverage your team’s current experience and in-house knowledge of TMS to automate more tests while spending less time training people on how to use different automation tools.

What does the TMS 4.0 release mean for Summit users?

If you currently use TMS with the Summit system, you can upgrade to the 4.0 release and benefit from all the additional Summit-specific fixes and enhancements included in this version and even more.

With TMS 4.0, you will be able to expand your automation coverage and automate integration tests that involve interactions between Summit and other systems. Automating tests for both upstream and downstream systems will drive your organization to achieve a truly automated end-to-end business workflow.

Want to learn more about what RightClick TMS 4.0 can do for you?

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