Revolutionizing Testing: What's new in RightClick TMS 4.3

We are thrilled to announce significant enhancements with the recent release of RightClick TMS 4.3 this month. This latest version propels our automated testing solution to new heights, solidifying our position as the trusted automation partner for financial organizations seeking to optimize their testing processes.

For over a decade, RightClick TMS has been instrumental in helping financial institutions worldwide build, maintain, and scale testing automation for their mission-critical software. Empowering both business and IT users, RightClick TMS significantly reduces testing efforts, enhances release cycle predictability, and lowers system maintenance costs.

RightClick TMS 4.3 – What’s new?

The latest release of RightClick TMS introduces major enhancements to elevate the overall user experience. This update brings new supported features that aim to streamline and simplify the automation process, contributing to a more seamless and efficient user journey.

Support for applications using DevExpress controls

RightClick TMS now has built-in support for DevExpress controls, making the automation of applications built with this framework much smoother. With out-of-the-box support for DevExpress controls, the tool can recognize the specificity of this technology eliminating the need for any additional tweaks or customizations. All other TMS features that allow users to fully automate business scenarios are available for DevExpress-based applications.

RightClick TMS 4.3 supports Summit 6.4

Keeping our promise to our clients to stay in line with new deliveries of Summit, RightClick TMS has been enhanced to seamlessly support Summit 6.4 version, ensuring compatibility and optimized performance. Clients can now start using TMS with Summit v6.4 and benefit from the full set of features our platform provides and the benefits of automated testing.

If you're on older Summit versions rest assured: TMS 4.3 maintains backward compatibility with older Summit versions, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience.

Enhanced support for Loan IQ & Front Arena

Expanding the automation capabilities of the tool, the recent update brings more efficient and straightforward test automation processes for Loan IQ and Front Arena applications.

Further enhancements were added to RightClick TMS automation capabilities by implementing a new powerful play algorithm that allows a faster and more stable test execution process.

Enhanced security

SSL communication is now supported for both Windows and Unix components to ensure a secure and encrypted data exchange. Your data is in safe hands, no matter the platform, as we prioritize the utmost security for your testing environment.

Want to learn more about what RightClick TMS 4.3 can do for your organization?

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