Seamless Compatibility: RightClick TMS and Opics

In our continued commitment to revolutionizing financial software testing, RightClick Solutions is excited to share that our intuitive Test Management System (TMS) is fully compatible with Finastra's Opics. This integration has been certified by Finastra as well, underscoring our commitment to delivering out-of-the-box seamless solutions to financial institutions globally.

Over the years, RightClick TMS has become the no-code test automation solution for major financial institutions, including HSBC, Deutsche, ING, and more. While our expertise in harmonizing with Finastra's Summit platform is well-known, we are pushing the bar further with our successful synergy with Opics.

Our collaboration with a Bank in Israel stands as a testament to this successful synergy. Three years ago, we embarked on a journey with them, culminating in a successful upgrade of Opics from v3.1 to v4.5. This accomplishment was significantly powered by automated testing via RightClick TMS. Notably, the entire project was executed within four months, showcasing the efficiency our solution brings to the table.

This collaboration did more than just reduce the bank's testing efforts by 60%. It laid the foundation for a reusable automated testing framework, ensuring cost savings not just for the first upgrade, but for all future Opics releases. Such efficiency is invaluable in the financial world, where adaptability and agility are key.

Traditional testing methods, heavily manual and driven by teams of specialists, are time-consuming and error-prone. The introduction of TMS for Opics maintenance not only accelerates the testing process but introduces a level of precision that drastically reduces errors and improves quality. Its business-oriented design means that business users, even without a technical background, can easily dive into automated testing.

The TMS solution offers a robust set of features tailored to test UI-based tasks, database validations, reports, and even integrations with other applications used by banks. As it identifies and highlights errors, businesses can rest assured that their software releases are meticulously validated before they go live.

Leveraging the capabilities of RightClick TMS with Opics, banks can look forward to smoother testing processes, diminished risks, and increased operational efficiency. The goal? To empower financial entities to regularly upgrade their Opics systems, secure in the knowledge that operations remain uncompromised and potential errors are minimized.

Reach out to us to uncover how RightClick TMS for Opics can reshape the testing horizon for your financial institution. Embrace the future of automated testing, predictable outcomes, and efficient system upgrades with our no-code test automation solution.