Top German bank goes live with RightClick Test Management System (TMS)

A German bank becomes the first Summit client in Europe to go live on V6.0, the newest release of Misys Fusion Capital Summit. The testing efforts for the upgrade have taken just over seven months and were conducted using the RightClick TMS test automation solution from start to finish.

TMS is a Summit-focused test automation platform developed by RightClick Solutions that supports all Summit-related testing efforts out of the box without the need for any customizations or additional development. Its intuitive navigation and business-oriented approach to defining tests allows end users and business analysts to construct tests, execute them with baseline comparison, and easily analyze any differences between versions.

In preparation for the upgrade, RightClick consultants collaborated with the bank's business units to automate all their test scenarios using RightClick TMS.

“The RightClick team’s unique expertise in both Summit and their automation tool, as well as their dedication throughout the upgrade project were essential for fast and efficient execution of tests and quickly focusing on real issues for each of the testing cycles,” said the bank's Associate Director of IT. “In addition, the capabilities offered by RightClick TMS allowed us to find issues that would be impossible to catch by manual testing, and do it early in the testing cycle to give us time to receive all required fixes and keep the original go-live date.”

The automated nature of executing tests using RightClick TMS helped the bank ensure that all tests were executed and the results compared quickly at the beginning of each test cycle. In total, eight complete testing cycles were performed – one for each Service Pack and Hot Fix delivery from Misys over the course of the project.

“Test automation is a must for a successful and cost-efficient upgrade, and RightClick TMS fulfilled all our needs in that respect,” said the Managing Director of Market Operations at the bank. “It is certainly a success to have gone live in such short time period with no major issues in production.”

Cristina Pene, RightClick’s Chief of Operations adds: “Close collaboration between the teams at the bank and RightClick helped achieve this result. While working on automating tests prior to the upgrade, our team built a strong understanding of the bank's business and of their testing needs, which made test execution and analysis of results quick and efficient. In addition, the bank now has a test repository of over five hundred tests that can be executed for future service pack and hot fix deliveries.”