Streamline Your Loan IQ Testing Process

RightClick Solutions is thrilled to announce that our industry-leading Test Management System (TMS) offers full compatibility with Finastra's Loan IQ. With over a decade of experience in providing cutting-edge automated capabilities for financial institutions, we are revolutionizing software testing in the banking and finance sector.

Our TMS is a powerful no-code test automation solution trusted by top-tier global companies like HSBC, Deutsche, IADB, EBRD, ING, and many others. It empowers business users to perform automated tests without requiring technical expertise. We have already demonstrated the benefits of our solution for Finastra's Summit platform, and now we have extended it to Loan IQ and other mission-critical financial applications.

When we say we have extended support to Loan IQ, it means that we have already certified TMS with Loan IQ and seamlessly integrated intelligence to work with the application from Day 1. TMS covers all the specific requirements of financial systems testing, eliminating the need for further integration. This addresses the challenges faced by financial institutions using Finastra's Loan IQ product during lengthy and complex software upgrade projects.

Banks heavily rely on manual testing conducted by in-house teams of specialists and business users, which often takes several months to complete. This approach not only results in slow progress but also introduces a high risk of errors and delays, leading to significant costs for such projects.

With TMS, we have transformed the testing process by providing a user-friendly, no-code solution that allows business users to automate tests effortlessly. By fully supporting automated testing for Loan IQ, TMS significantly reduces testing efforts and enables testing teams to achieve unprecedented completion times. This, in turn, enhances the predictability of release cycles and leads to substantial cost savings in system maintenance.

Our TMS platform incorporates powerful features to empower end users to efficiently test UI-based workflows, reports, database checks, interfaces, and integrations with other systems. Testing results are automatically compared, and errors are highlighted to ensure thorough validation before software goes into production.

By integrating RightClick Solutions' TMS with Loan IQ, financial institutions can streamline their testing processes, mitigate risks, and enhance operational efficiency. With our industry-leading automated testing solution, banks can confidently upgrade their Loan IQ environment more frequently, knowing that critical operations will not be disrupted and potential errors will be minimized.

Contact us today to learn more about how our TMS, optimized for Loan IQ, can revolutionize the testing process for your financial institution. Experience the benefits of accelerated testing, increased predictability, and reduced system maintenance costs with our cutting-edge solution.