New release: RightClick TMS 1.6 is now available!

We are happy to announce that version 1.6 of our flagship test automation platform is available now!

The main new feature of this release is its support for the latest Summit version 6.0. As Summit clients start upgrading to V6.0, the news about RightClick TMS supporting this brand new Summit release were met with great excitement by both existing and prospective users of our testing platform.

Some of the other new features included in TMS v1.6 are:

- Enhanced file comparison capabilities allowing users to configure tolerance levels, "noise" omission criteria, and other rules that make comparison of test outputs efficient and meaningful;

- Window content export that compares all GUI controls of a window in the new software version against the current production version helping to clearly and quickly identify changes (and potential issues) in GUI applications;

- Several other enhancements to improve usability of the tool and the overall user experience.

Many TMS clients expressed a strong interest in taking advantage of the new features made available in v1.6, and one bank deployed the new version on the first day of its availability and have been successfully using it for their Summit V6.0 testing.