RightClick Solutions and LS2 Partners Announce New Partnership to Combine No-Code Test Automation with Lending Expertise

Amsterdam, Netherlands – RightClick Solutions, B.V., a leading provider of a state-of-the-art no-code test automation platform, has announced a new partnership with LS2 Partners LLC, a team of Loan IQ experts with extensive experience in the lending space. The partnership will bring together the respective strengths of each company to create a more comprehensive and innovative solution for the lending industry.

Dmitriy Blyumin, Co-founder and Managing Director of RightClick Solutions, stated, "We are excited to partner with LS2 Partners and to leverage their expertise in the lending space. Our no-code test automation platform, RightClick TMS, is fully certified with Loan IQ and is designed to help businesses streamline their testing processes. With LS2 Partners' industry knowledge, we can offer a robust and reliable solution for banks looking to reduce cost of their lending software testing efforts and improve the quality of their systems."

Gary Huang, Managing Partner at LS2 Partners, added, "We are always looking for innovative solutions that can help our clients improve their operations and reduce risk. RightClick Solutions' no-code test automation platform aligns with our goals of increasing efficiency and accuracy, and we are excited to incorporate it into our offering."

The partnership between RightClick Solutions and LS2 Partners will enable banks to implement a more streamlined and efficient testing process while reducing the risk of errors and improving overall quality assurance. By combining the no-code test automation platform with LS2 Partners' lending expertise, the two companies aim to provide a more comprehensive solution to Loan IQ customers and the lending industry as a whole.

About RightClick Solutions, B.V.

RightClick Solutions, B.V. is a leading provider of intuitive no-code automation software. The company's platform, RightClick TMS, allows businesses to easily create and execute automated tests without the need for coding knowledge. RightClick’s solution enables businesses to increase testing efficiency and accuracy while reducing the risk of errors.


About LS2 Partners LLC

LS2 Partners LLC is a team of Loan IQ experts with extensive experience in the lending space. The company provides consulting and support services to clients looking to implement and optimize their use of Loan IQ. LS2 Partners' goal is to help clients increase efficiency, reduce risk, and improve overall operations.