Product launch: Announcing RightClick Deploy

We are delighted to announce our new product – RightClick Deploy, a solution designed to automate the release process of complex software in enterprise IT ecosystems. RightClick Deploy is a continuous integration and continuous delivery platform that accelerates the rollout of new software updates – essential in the context of today’s agile development model.

The first version provides full out-of-the-box support for Fusion Summit and comes pre-configured for installing new Summit core and client releases. The platform offers automation of the entire process on Windows or Linux, and is seamlessly integrated with RightClick TMS and most widely used source control systems. The fully customizable workflow enables the setup of continuous builds, automatic deployment, and validation of the release via the execution of your RightClick TMS test portfolio.

The solution has been met with enthusiasm from Summit users that have already had the chance to see it in action in their environments. The feedback has been consistently positive and highlighted the plug-and-play nature of the tool, its ease of use and configuration, and the significant time and cost saving benefits it brings.

RightClick Deploy will enable financial organizations to install and validate core Summit releases as soon as they are made available, helping banks keep pace with the new continuous delivery model recently rolled out by Finastra for Summit.

Reach out to us at for more details and a demo of RightClick Deploy.