RightClick RPA  

A robotic process automation solution that liberates your workforce


Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, allows you to hand off tedious, repetitive tasks to a software “robot.”

This frees up your staff to focus on their most important work.

What sets RightClick RPA apart from other automation tools?

Our RPA platform makes automation straightforward and intuitive, even for people who don’t have a background in technology. It enables businesses to build automated workflows in a user-friendly environment that are easy to deploy, maintain, and scale. Set-up is a breeze, and it’s easy to adjust our tool to fit your unique needs.

Automation within reach.

We put the power of automation in your hands. Design your own robots, or choose from a list of pre-set options. Embedded state-of-the-art text recognition capabilities powered by AI allow robots read scanned documents and extract relevant data from them.

With its intuitive navigation, business user focus and ease of deployment, RightClick RPA simplifies the complex world of business processes. We help you work smarter, not harder.

User-friendly design


Our studio makes designing your robots intuitive and straightforward. Define processes by dragging and dropping activities and tasks onto a virtual canvas. Set options and properties directly in the designer.

UI automation

Create automated processes without the need to code. You won’t need to submit tickets and wait for your automation team.  Just show your robot the steps and it will happily take over.


Monitor and interact with automated processes in real-time using the Dashboard. Review the status of any task and intervene to provide additional information when exceptions occur.  Examine reports of competed processes and see upcoming jobs.

Control room

Get a clear view into all of your available automated processes. Schedule, monitor, and report on process execution. Scale up execution in response to demand, so you can always handle peak loads.


Keep your process and data secure and compliant. Data encryption, role-based access, and a comprehensive audit trail keep your information safe at all times.

Text recognition and

data extraction

AI-enabled OCR capabilities allow robots to handle that include text recognition.  Scan images and pdf files to find and extract the data you need.

RPA and RightClick.

Built for the way you work.

We know that you’re ready for change. That’s why we designed a platform that makes it quicker and easier than ever to automate repetitive business processes. Our no-code automation solution makes it simple to design the robots you need, even if your team lacks a technical background. Finally, you’ll be able to define and edit automated workflows to meet your own, unique circumstances. Our tools make it easy to deploy new robots or to change their workloads, as your needs evolve.


At RightClick, we have a clear vision for automation: we see it as the perfect partnership between a human and a machine. Our tools aim to complement and augment human traits. By automating and optimizing business processes, people can spend their time creatively, expanding their analytical and decision-making capabilities, and, ultimately, do more with less. Our expertise in process automation and our proven track record when it comes to adapting our solution to real-life scenarios ensure a successful collaboration.

RightClick RPA

Ease of deployment

No specialized skillset required

Vast experience in the field

Library of pre-defined automated tasks

Modest hardware requirements and minimal software dependencies make deployment fast and painless 

Ease of maintenance

Fast speed to market

No-code automation capabilities allow business process owners to automate their workflows without the help of technical specialists

Your business processes change over time, so we believe it is essential for a process owner to be able to edit and enhance their automated workflow

Adherence to industry standards ensures compatibility with a large variety of existing automated tasks available in the marketplace

Our expertise in process automation and our proven track record when it comes to adapting our solution to real-life scenarios ensure a successful collaboration

Achieve your efficiency goals and realize a rapid return on your automation investment.

Our practical approach is proven to accelerate time to market for business process automation


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