"It wouldn't have been possible without RightClick solutions & consultants": Summit software upgrade for European bank

Case study: Summit Test Automation
Client: European Bank
Project: Upgrade from Summit v6.0 to v6.2
Automation level: All test cases for the upgrade automated upfront (~ 540 test cases)
Automation efforts: 2 RightClick consultants for 4 months (~ 150 days)
Summit modules covered: Trade capture and lifecycle, Treasury, Fixed income, Static data, Market data, Risk analytics, Risk management, Credit Risk, Intraday reports, Accounting, Commercial Lending, Collateral Management, Back Office Operations, Payments and Documentation, User rights, etc.

Project highlights:
  • Testing for the upgrade completed in 7 months
  • 8 full testing cycles with over 5,000 tests executed
  • Full visibility on the testing status throughout the project helped identify real issues much faster
  • Go-live on time with post go-live


  • Automation investment was approximately equal to 1 headcount for the duration of the upgrade project. Using automation, the bank was able to reduce the efforts by more than 1 headcount and therefore reduce the overall cost of the upgrade
  • Automation helped speed up testing and the bank went live on time
  • The testing coverage was much higher and this ensured a very good level of quality

Client feedback:
"The amount of testing we had done during the upgrade project wouldn’t have been possible without automation, and the quality would have undoubtedly suffered. Furthermore, having automation in place allowed us to stress test the system, which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise, and allowed us to identify serious issues in advance that we would have only discovered in production post go-live.”

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