"RightClick did a stellar job from beginning to end": Opics software upgrade by leveraging RightClick TMS tool & services


Case study: Opics Test Automation
Bank in Israel
Project: Upgrade Opics using automated testing
Automation level: 765+ end-to-end business scenarios designed and automated
Automation efforts: 3 RightClick consultants for ~ 3 months                                                                          Opics modules covered: Deal input for FX, OTX, Deposit and Loan deals, Limit Orders; Monitors and blotters, Confirmation and SWIFT messages, FX Revaluation, Mark to Market, Fax Documents, Limits, Payments, Interfaces to external systems, etc.

Project highlights:

  • A dedicated team of 3 RightClick consultants led the definition and automation of all test cases required for the Opics upgrade.
  • By automating all test cases upfront, the upgrade testing was handled by 3 RightClick consultants and only 1 Business Analyst from the bank's side.
  • The first full test-cycle took 4-5 weeks and most of the issues were identified and reported.
  • RightClick TMS training was provided to banks' team, enabling them to leverage TMS and automated tests for future projects.


  • Building a re-usable automated testing framework generated considerable cost savings for the upgrade and for future Opics releases, while also reducing the risk of human error and ensuring consistent and reliable testing results.
  • With over 700 test cases automated, the test coverage is much higher than before, and the bank consistently sees an increased level of quality.
  • Using automation, the bank was able to reduce the upgrade efforts by 60% and only one BA was fully dedicated to support the project. 

Client feedback:
"The ability to easily automate and maintain tests within RightClick TMS provides a great deal of flexibility that we did not find with other tools. RightClick did a stellar job from beginning to end, they went above and beyond to meet our needs and we are grateful for their support and collaboration during the project."

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