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An innovative, no-code process automation solution that combines business intelligence with high-volume processing power to accelerate sustainable business growth and optimize business operations.

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Fast Cost Savings

Fast cost savings

Scale Seamlessly

scale seamlessly

Accelerate Time To Value-1

accelerate time to value

Improve Quality & Compliance


Eliminate Human Error

reduce risk & human errors

Drive Innovation

drive innovation

Make smart decisions fast with intelligent automation

Finally, a truly business-focused process automation solution.
Atomatik makes automation straightforward and intuitive for all domains of business. It delivers value by allowing teams to streamline workflows and delegate labor-intensive processes to digital software robots, resulting in higher business efficiency, reduced operational costs, and the ability to unlock better business opportunities at a fraction of the time.

Imagine a powerful digital workforce to support your teams, increasing processing capacity and scale your business seamlessly. Developed with a built-in AI-powered assistant, Atomatik makes it easy to train intelligent robots for all business activities. With higher efficiency and low adoption costs, a typical ROI can be measured in weeks.

Monitor your

Monitor Your Inbox

Extract data from
various documents

Extract Data From Various Documents

Read, write,
consolidate files

Read, Write & Consolidate Files

Access software

Access Software Systems

rule-based actions

Execute Rule-Based Actions

Send email

Send Email Notifications


Generate Reports

document data

Update Document Data


Become future-proof.
Automating has never been easier

User-friendly Design Studio

Set up your tasks and workflows in our easy-to-use design studio. Create your own digital robots or choose from a list of pre-set options. Define processes by dragging and dropping activities and tasks onto a virtual canvas.

UI Automation

We’ve built a system that anyone can easily use to automate business processes. No specific programming language or syntax knowledge is required. The UI automation functionality helps you map out each step in your process. Simply let the digital robot observe the steps and leave it to do the work.

Powerful Control Room

The Control Room module provides a comprehensive view of all automated processes assigned to your digital robots. Schedule and assign activities to your robot assistant, review the status of any task, and receive a full report on process execution.

AI Data Recognition & Extraction

AI-enabled OCR capabilities allow digital robots to handle all tasks that include text recognition. Scan images and PDF files to find and extract the data you need.

Real-time Dashboard

Monitor and interact with automated processes in real-time using the Dashboard. Review the status of any task and intervene to provide additional information when exceptions occur. Examine reports of completed processes and get insight for strategic planning.

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