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RightClick Deploy  

a continuous integration and continuous delivery solution


RightClick Deploy accelerates banks' transition to the continuous delivery model

RightClick Deploy is a continuous integration and continuous delivery platform that is designed to automate the release process of complex software in enterprise IT ecosystems.

The first version of the solution automates Summit build and deployment for continuous deliveries of core product and bank's internal changes. The tool offers a library of automated services that cover all steps in the Summit installation process on both Windows and Linux operating systems. It is fully flexible and easy to integrate in banks’ environments due to built-in connectivity with various source control and automation systems.


        Fully flexible, core and client

           Supports vendor releases as well as internal 

           bank's releases.  Client scripts can be easily

           plugged in.

        DevOps connectivity

           Out-of-the-box connectivity with Git, SVN,

           Artifactory, Jenkins, Jira, other.

        Light deployment

           No dependency on additional 3rd party software,

           light hardware requirements.

        Integrated with TMS

           Fully integrated with the RightClick test automation

           platform for test execution.

        Preconfigured for Summit

           Summit-specific automated tasks. Out-of-the-box

           Summit workflows for core and client releases.

        Reporting capabilities

           Impacted client extensions, DB structure

           changes, success, failures, errors, runtime.

Reach out to us at info@rightclicksol.com for more details and a demo of RightClick Deploy.