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Testing Services  

helping banks ensure

high quality of their

mission-critical software 

For banks, ensuring the high quality of their mission-critical software has become a mission-critical task in itself.  And as financial software products continuously evolve due to enhancements, compliance requirements, and technical updates, the cost of ensuring the stability and quality of these applications continues to increase.  Introducing test automation and well-defined testing processes can increase the quality and reduce the cost of system maintenance by over 50%.

Case study: Test automation

Client: European bank

Project: Automate V5.7 test cases for internal releases

Automation level: 250 test cases

Automation effort: 2 RightClick consultants for 2 months


Project highlights:

  • Test cases designed by RightClick consultants

  • Summit core and bank's customizations covered

  • Automated tests integrated into bank's release cycle


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Test automation

Testing and re-testing software manually every time the code base changes or a new version is received from a vendor is time consuming and costly.  Once automated, tests can be executed repeatedly and continuously at no additional cost.  They increase the predictability of release cycles and save time, which directly translates into cost savings.


Our test automation service includes collecting business scenarios through interviewing end-users and/or business analysts to understand the typical user activity and workflow, creating tests based on the business activity, and automating the tests using RightClick TMS.


Our consultants have created and automated thousands of tests for our clients around the world, strictly following test automation best practices for test maintainability and robustness.

Testing as a Service (TaaS)​

Consistently growing demand for faster and more thorough testing is becoming a burden for financial institutions, especially those that have to rely on business analysts and end-users to execute tests and analyze the results.  This is costly and creates disruption to the day-to-day business.

Our testing-as-a-service model allows banks to offload their testing-related tasks to our experienced consultants who will execute the tests, analyze the results, and ensure that tests and test data are up to date.

If adjustments to existing tests or new test scenarios are required, our experts address those prior to execution.  The service leverages out test automation framework that further optimizes the effort by adding predictability and making the offer commercially attractive to clients.