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Summit upgrades  

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Upgrading software from one version to the next may appear to be a routine exercise. However, more often than not, a Summit upgrade turns into a painful, expensive, and lengthy project.  

In order to get funding for such projects, IT management have to present a strong case to the business for why their bank should go through this trouble and expense. And yet, due to the length of these projects, they aren’t getting enough time to do one upgrade before a vendor announces an "end-of-life" date for a version the bank just upgraded to.

Case study: Upgrading to Summit v6.0

Client: European bank

Project: Summit V5.5 to V6.0 upgrade

Automation level: All test cases (approx. 540)

Automation effort: 2 RightClick consultants for 4 months


Project highlights:

  • Testing completed in 7 months

  • Total of 5000 tests executed in 8 cycles

  • On-time go-live with no major issues


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We, at RightClick, have gone through numerous upgrades with Summit clients of various sizes helping with configuration and release management, upgrade of customizations, and testing. It is clear that no two upgrades are exactly the same, and it is impossible to use a standard set of precise tasks twice. However, over the years, we have been able to identify patterns and best practices that drive a controlled and cost- and time-efficient upgrade project. Following these best practices significantly adds predictability to the cost and duration of such project.   


As the biggest part of an upgrade project is testing for differences between the old and the new versions of the software, we base our upgrade testing services on our own test automation solution (TMS) to streamline and speed up the execution of tests and comparison of test results.  With this, the execution time for the whole test portfolio is often brought down to several hours and ensures identifying defects earlier in the test cycle allowing more time for their timely resolution by the vendor.


To learn more about our experience with Summit upgrades and how our approach can help you move to the latest Summit release quicker and cheaper, please reach out to us at info@rightclicksol.com.