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Why do we need a project manager? Science teaches us that “all systems tend to become disordered if they are left unattended”, and reality shows that lack of project management is one of the main causes for software project failures.


Nowadays, with teams and stakeholders spread around the world, with high demand for creativity and flexibility, the need to have a strong project manager that can bring the team together, drive project tasks and be your reliable and knowledgeable single point of contact becomes critical for the project success. A project manager acts as a gatekeeper whose only goal is to make the project - and you - successful.


RightClick offers top-tier project management services to ensure your software projects run smoothly. We have managers ready to roll up their sleeves to help drive your project to successful completion. Years of experience managing small to large software development projects across locations and across functional teams allow us to stay agile, yet accountable and take on many different project management roles. 


Whether you need expertise to manage an upcoming project, help getting a failing project on track or additional know-how to handle a difficult situation, our consultants are ready to provide reliable solutions and effective results.


Using our services helps you reduce your technology cost. A project manager doesn’t always create tangible deliverables but helps you avoid delays and business impact. These losses are difficult to quantify, but they are common to software projects and are considerably higher than the relatively insignificant cost of project management services when looked at within the total project cost.


We believe successful projects start with RightClick Solutions! 


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