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Consulting Services  

business advisory and technology solutions 

Summit experts that understand the challenge


Whether your business demands an immediate tactical solution, an upgrade of customizations, or an end-to-end development of a new module on top of core Summit capabilities, the team of Summit business and technical experts at RightClick possesses a wide range of expertise to implement the required functionality in the quickest and most optimal way.


Our functional experts bring years of experience translating business objectives into Summit based solutions, while the team of developers is well versed in the intricacies of Summit API development.  The work is done either on site at a bank, at our development center in Bucharest, or combining on-site and off-site time to optimize productivity and cost.


Whether we provide several complementary members to an existing team at a bank or take on a full implementation of new functionality, our mission is to maximize the ROI and speed to market for our clients.