2020 RightClick Summer Internship

We’re very excited to launch the RightClick 2020 Summer Internship, a 3-month paid program which aims to bring on board enthusiastic students and graduates of both Technology & Business. Since this year is marked by social distancing, RightClick has quickly adapted to a fully digital operation. Now, we are ready to embrace a new challenge and set in motion our first virtual internship. Are you?

The ultimate starter-kit for a career in fintech

This program begins on July 1st and, over the course of three months, you will be immersed in the world of automation software solutions made to benefit the top investment banks across the globe. We are a friendly, dynamic group of professionals and our goal is to offer a hands-on learning experience in an open environment.

What we offer

Your individual learning plan will be made to ensure growth and development, under the guidance and support of RightClick’s mentors. As one of our new tech-oriented colleagues, you can learn new technologies and methodologies and even design and build features in our software products. Our new business-oriented colleagues will be able to test the software, while getting a deeper understanding of how to provide consultancy services tailored for the financial industry.

Want to hear more?

As you’ll work on projects, you’ll also have access to an online training platform and best practice sessions. And, when summer’s over, we offer you a chance to take on a permanent position at RightClick.

This is an opportunity for those who think big and want to be a part of a great team. So, send your application for either a Technical or Business Internship at hr@rightclicksol.com by the 29th of May!