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12 March 2014


Test Automation Benefits


Why should anyone be concerned with moving or improving their automated testing if their current testing methodologies still work for them? Here are just few questions to try to answer: Are current techniques efficient? Do they find a high percentage of defects? Do they find them quickly and early at the lowest cost? Creating an automated test once and then running it hundreds of times will enable you to expand test coverage, find defects earlier, and focus manual test efforts where they are really needed. That saves the company money and reduces business risk. Automated testing can provide an excellent return on investment (ROI). Here are just few of the benefits of test automation:


Greater Test Coverage at the same cost 

Automated tests can run unattended and continuously for 24 hours per day. With manual testing, each tester works only eight hours. More significantly, automation runs more tests in the same period of time; automation could run four to five times more tests per hour than a manual tester. This means we are getting much more testing done for a test dollar invested. This also improves the speed of testing and software quality.


Reduce cost to fix defects

The cost to fix defects exponentially increases during development life cycle. It costs at least five times more to fix a coding defect once the system is released in production than it does to fix it while unit testing. When you provide more test coverage, you find defects faster and definitely more defects before the release goes into production. This means automation helps you spending less money to fix issues.


Reduce business impact

Finding bugs before releasing software to production not only reduces IT costs, but also avoids failures in production software that can leave business users sitting idle further resulting in reduced productivity, loss of revenue and legal or compliance liabilities.The impact of software defects is estimated to be on average around 0.6% of company's revenue, so this is a direct gain that automation brings to the company.

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