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RightClick adds TMS support for Sophis, Loan IQ, Opics, Calypso

Bucharest, 17 June 2017 – We are happy to announce that in addition to Misys FusionCapital Summit, the latest TMS v2.1 release supports Misys FusionInvest, Misys FusionBanking Loan IQ, Misys FusionCapital Opics, Misys FusionCapital Sophis, Calypso, and web browser applications.  The powerful and easy-to-use features of TMS can now be used to automate tests for these new applications via product-specific licensing.  The plugin architecture of TMS allows seamless integration of the new products, providing a consistent user experience for recording, maintaining, and executing tests across products.  Depending on the product selected, the corresponding plugin is activated behind the scenes, and all TMS features are available as before.


TMS can be used with one of the software applications (i.e. Summit, Sophis, Opics, etc.), or with multiple applications within the same scenario, making it possible to create cross-product test scenarios that test integration across multiple systems.


We are delighted to see existing clients requesting expansion of product coverage within TMS in order to allow them to leverage the powerful features of the platform for testing more of their applications.  This is a clear confirmation of the value TMS brings into the testing activities at banks.  Having extended the same TMS features to additional products, we are confident that new clients that will use TMS with the newly supported applications will share the same positive experience.


To learn more about the software products supported within TMS and to request a demo, please reach out to our team at info@rightclicksol.com